Best Marketing Funnel Software

Marketing funnel software can be used to help you stay ahead of your competition. Marketers use software to automate as many aspects of their process as possible. That helps them to utilize time and other limited resources effectively. This article will highlight the features of some of the best marketing funnel software solutions that are available.

What is marketing funnel software?

Every sales funnel will consist of several steps. This includes marketing assets such as email automation and social media marketing, which help to drive traffic into the funnel and build awareness of your brand.

Marketing funnel software is designed to help you get an overall picture of what is happening with your brand. It helps to integrate the results that you’re getting from each aspect of your marketing strategy.

Marketing is a multi-faceted job and it can be difficult for any one person or even a team to adequately plan for and utilize all of the techniques that can be used to improve the visibility of a brand. With marketing funnel software it’s easier to plug the holes that may exist in your strategy. For example, if your landing pages aren’t customized sufficiently and aren’t appealing to the niche that you’re trying to target, your software can help you to identify that and adjust accordingly.


GetResponse is a complete solution that lets you set up everything from email automations to social media campaigns. With GetResponse, you can manage every aspect of your funnel.

You can use GetResponse to develop landing pages for each of your campaigns. This includes your email marketing automation and social media campaigns.

This marketing funnel software also makes it easy for you to introduce your product to a wider audience by hosting webinars. Marketers can completely manage each new webinar by using the software and track their results from each in the same location.

GetResponse is a popular option for marketers who are looking for marketing funnel applications. It’s easy to integrate it with your existing e-commerce platform.

The conversion funnel provided by GetResponse is fairly easy to set up. You won’t need to spend an extensive amount of time on training and can immediately use the funnel to monitor the leads that are generated.

GetResponse can be adapted to meet the needs of businesses of different sizes. There are different plans available which offer similar features but these are scaled to match the size of your contacts list.


Like GetResponse, Kartra is a total marketing funnel solution. It provides you with video hosting, opt in forms and a lead database.

They have a checklist, which makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get started. This is located on the dashboard and it takes you through every step, so that you’ll become more familiar with every aspect of the marketing process.

If you’re looking for marketing funnel software that makes you feel comfortable and you’ve never used any type of software before, this package can help you.

If you haven’t worked on different aspects of a marketing campaign, such as social media campaigns or email campaigns, this will help to put you at ease. It will make you more confident in developing your overall marketing strategy.

Since Kartra is a complete package, you won’t need to spend on a number of other tools. This means that you’ll save money as long as your contacts list is isn’t too big.

Your subscription to this software comes with access to a training portal. This area contains videos which provide you with information on every aspect of the software. Unlike GetResponse, Kartra does not have an extensive array of integrations, so it may not be easy to use it with the tools that are currently in your kit

ClickFunnels is handy for entrepreneurs and marketers who don’t have a lot of coding experience. It’s easy to build landing pages with this software and that has helped to make the package popular among marketers.

Unlike some of the other packages described here, ClickFunnels is not an all-in-one option. The basic plan does not include email marketing. This means you’ll have to do invest in a separate package.

The alternative is to upgrade to one of their other plans which includes email marketing. However when compared with the cost of using a separate email marketing tool along with the basic plan, it’s more affordable to use a third-party.

They have a Cookbook section which offers ideas and makes it easy for subscribers who are just starting out. Landing page templates are available for marketers who want to use them to save time. The process of setting up a funnel with this software is fairly straightforward.


Wishpond is easy to use and it allows you to automate your entire process. You can use the software for email marketing automation and to create landing pages.

Like all the software described here, Wishpond helps you to understand what potential customers are thinking at every stage of the funnel. It provides you with information that helps you to adjust every asset as necessary, so that you can guide customer behavior. It makes it less likely that customers will drop out at some stage along the funnel.

You can also use Wishpond to create contests on each of your social media platforms. This helps you to increase engagement, especially when you’re running promotions that involve free gifts or other types of giveaways.

Wishpond has templates that can be used for your landing pages. All of their landing page templates are exciting, so they’ll be sure to help you gain attention from prospective leads. Some have been developed just for giveaways, which makes it easy for you to use them on each of your social media channels.


Marketing funnel software helps you to avoid the pain that comes with knowing that you’ve just missed a sale. By providing you with an overall picture of what is happening with every aspect of your marketing strategy, it allows you to correct any areas that may be causing you to lose potential customers.